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23 ژانویه 2018

Creating Certificate Trust Chain

If you’re using an SSL/TLS certificate, it is important that it works properly for you, and that your website’s content is loaded through HTTPS on all browsers, OS’, and devices such as smartphones and tablets, without any errors. In order for that happen, instead of uploading your own certificate file, you need to create an SSL Certificate Trust Chain, the regular way.

If you haven’t yet converted your cert file to PEM format, first read “Preparing an SSL/TLS Certificate in PEM Format.

Necessary Material

When you purchase an SSL/TLS Certificate, in addition to the Private Key file and the Certificate file, you’ll have some more files in your hand as well. One of these, is the Root Certificate file, and there’ll be one to three more files under the title Intermediate Certificate.

If you don’t have access to your Root and Intermediate files, you can usually download them from the certificate provider’s website. For example, if you’re using a Comodo certificate, you can find these files Comodo’s website here.

Creating SSL Certificate Trust Chain

For creating your Trust Chain, you can easily do that with a text editor such as vim or Notepad. Then you can create you website’s certificate file, Root Certificate, and Intermediate Certificate like below in one file:

(Your Primary SSL certificate: yourwebsite.crt) 
(Your Intermediate certificate: INTERMEDIATE.crt) 

(Your Root certificate: Root.crt) 

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